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Stock Android vs Custom skins

Why stock Android is better

Stock Android vs Custom skins

After the invasion of china phones there is a lot of increase in the custom skins(Roms) for android. Generally they provide different features with their own roms, but you also need to be aware of that, that they are also taking unnecessary permissions from you. They are providing you with some cool features like Game boosters, scroll screenshots and which are not yet available in stock rom. With their customization battery draining is less,but it also depends on many factors :).

Now, you might getting a doubt what is a Stock rom and a Custom skin, Custom roms and Android one program. You can read all the details here.

Even though you don’t have many features in custom skin(roms) in the Stock roms, but it is clutter free, no Ads, secure, stable than other roms and one great thing is they will get updated to the new android versions easily.

If we take the miui, when android is released we need to wait for MI releasing the update, but where as Nokia, Moto has the stock roms are pure form of Google so they are gonna get updates very quickly.

You can also see many noticeable changes in the stock roms for each and every new version, but in the custom skin(roms) you cannot see the observable changes as they are covered with their skin.

There is much confusion between duplicate apps in the custom skin(roms) provided by different manufacturers like MI - MiUI, Samsung - OneUI. Here you have the Gmail app and the Email app provided by the company. Not only this and many other apps.

One more thing is Android Oreo has Google Assistant built in, but Samsung still supplied its Bixby(Own assistant from samsung) to its flagship lineup. It even added a hardware button to summon Bixby. These are some of the worst things manufacturers do.

In MIUI there is permission for your face to create stickers, even though majority of the people don’t know even it exist it asks mandatory permission (What The Heck).

So, you may get a doubt so if we buy stock rom phones, then how are we gonna experience some of the features of custom skins, Yes there are Trustable apps in the playstore and in XDA by many developers which you can use for good experience like game boost etc..

Recently we came to know that samsung is also likely to add ads in its UI, where you need to wait for 5 to 15 sec before unlocking phones(Shit, but true ;) ).

So, it is better to use the Stock roms rather than custom skins(roms).