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What is Microsoft Student Partner?

Microsoft Student Partner is a Sudent Ambassador Program by Microsoft

What is Microsoft Student Partner?

There are many organizations that run student ambassador programs for students going through colleges and universities. One among those, but the most reputed program is offered by Microsoft named as Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program, formaly Microsoft Student Partner Program.

Student Learn Ambassador

What is Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program is a global group of on-campus ambassadors who are eager to help students and their communities, lead in their local tech circles, and develop technical and career skills for the future. As a Student Ambassador, you might find yourself organizing a campus or community hackathon, mentoring other students.

Microsoft quoted the program as…..

Looking for student leaders with a passion for making a difference, building vibrant communities, and sharing the latest tech with their peers.

When did it all started?

The MSP Program was initiated back in 2001, and operated in 15 countries for five years. In late 2006, the program was expanded to 50 countries worldwide, and as of July 2010, there are more than 2800 members worldwide across 101 countries and regions.

Transformation from Student Partner to Learn Student Ambassador

On July 1, the current Microsoft Student Partner program will evolve to become the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program. All active members of the program will be invited to become Student Ambassadors and the first cohort will be announced in early July.


To apply, you must be at least 16 years old, have valid identification and be actively enrolled in an accredited, higher education academic institution.

Students from all academic backgrounds who want to grow their career and tech skills while making a difference in their communities to apply. Some experience in coding or technology is helpful, but we have tools and resources to help you learn in the program.

Student Learn Ambassador


As it turns out, earning these benefits involves doing some pretty fun things. We have four milestones for our Student Ambassadors:

  • Alpha 1 - Jump on board and get active in the Teams community.
  • Alpha 2 - Complete a Microsoft Learn path and unlock Azure credits with Visual Studio Enterprise subscription benefits.
  • Beta - Host an event in your community to unlock event support and resource benefits. This effort could include an invitation to join our annual Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Summit.
  • Gold - Get invited to the Gold milestone when you’ve gone above and beyond in earning your badges and serving your local community. You’ll become a Student Ambassadors Regional Leader, gain access to special events, and may be invited to become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Resources that can be accessed by Student Ambassadors

These benefits include but aren’t limited to:

  • Access to Office 365, plus Snagit and Camtasia screen capture and recording software.
  • Visual Studio Enterprise subscription and $150 monthly Azure credits.
  • Event support.
  • Engagement with Cloud Advocates and Microsoft MVPs.
  • Student Ambassador Milestone badges to highlight program accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile.

Application Process:

Step 1:To apply to the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program go to https://studentambassadors.microsoft.com/en-us/Form.

Step-2:Read tha Application Notification to know when does your application gets reviewed.

Student Learn Ambassador Application

Step-3:Then fill out all your Personal Info like first name, last name, contact email, gender, and phone number, and then verify the phone number through an OTP.

Student Learn Ambassador Application

Step-:4In this step fill all our College Details.

Student Learn Ambassador Application

Step-5:In this step, there are a few questions that test your view on technology and leadership.

Student Learn Ambassador Application

Step-7:Here you have to fill all your URLs of profiles and other info.

Student Learn Ambassador Application

Step-8:In the last step, check all your Technical Skills.

Student Learn Ambassador Application

And, then submit your application for the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program. Hope this post will help you find your path to successful Microsoft Student Ambassader Program and wish you a very good luck.