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Google's FooBar - The Secret Hiring Challenge

Best way to get hired by Google!

Google's FooBar - The Secret Hiring Challenge

Did you got Google’s Foobar Invitation. First of all, congratulations, you should know that, this is not an ordinary invitation,, As Google sends this hiring invitation to only some special developers.

If you haven’t got this invitation this blog will help you to understand who are eligible and to be prepared for the next hiring challenge.

FooBar is weird term used by Google for it’s secret hiring challenge.

What is FooBar?

Google Foobar is Google’s secret hiring challenge. Google uses this to hire some of the best developers around the globe which they think can be a good match for their organization. Many developers in Google have been hired through this hiring challenge.

How can I get the invitation:

Getting the invitation for Google Foobar is also a mysterious thing, no one exactly knows the criteria for the Google Foobar invitation eligibility. As per the known information

Google send the invitation on the basis of your search history and your problem solving related keyword searches, like if you are a developer, it is obvious that you search a lot of problems related to programming on Google or Stack Overflow. And based on Google search algorithms, they show you an invitation for Google Foobar.

This is how the invitation looks like -

“You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?”


How can I take this challenge without an invitation?

We appreciate your interest towards this but, the sad thing is without an invitation from Google, you can’t enter into this hiring challenge

As we already said that Google Foobar is an invitation based hiring challenge. That means, you can only take the challenge if you have got the invitation from Google for Foobar.


What happens after getting an invitation?

When you get the invitation, and you accepted that, you will be redirected to Google’s Foobar website which looks like a linux command-line interface. foobar-interface

After you request for the challenge using the command request, you will get some files in your Foobar command-line folder which contains some competitive programming question waiting for you.You can submit your answers either in Java or Python. You will get two files to write the solution to your problem statement solution.java and solution.py. You can write your solution in your preferred language out of these two.

You can save and run the files and once you’re confident you can submit and verify the results.


In a similar way you’ll have five levels to complete.


After you complete all the 5 levels, you get a form to fill your name and your contact details to contact you.

Once you clear your interview you’ll be offered a Software Developer role at Google depending on your interests, Skills and performance in interviews.

All the best for your Google’s FooBar challenge

Note: All the images that helped you to understand better are taken from different sources like - Google, Medium, Quora. Our Thanks to all of the above sites.

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