We are developers by professions and Techies by passion. DevsKrate completely deals with Tech, Code and Gadgets. It's a paradise for developers and Techies. We are in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin too. Very soon we are going to land on Youtube with Tech updates and Dev news. There's lot to tell about but we are consisting this to these few lines. Please feel free to contact us if you want to contribute to DevsKrate. Thanks in advance.

Journey of DevsKrate

**DevsKrate** started as **THE FLAIR** means Perfection in everything, but we realized that in this world no thing is perfect. We started aiming the developers and tech enthusiastics who are actually students. As a student it is difficult to get the beginner stuff. So mainly aiming at them and everyone we started DevsKrate - Developers Krate, which has everything, minly developer related stuff..

It all started with 2 friends interested in Tech, but now it is a team of 5 and many friends and supporters.

It started as The Flair with a free domain with very few articles.

We have then revamped our template many times to serve the users with ease of use. First we took a basic template with just removing many things by inspecting things in the browser it fitted for a Desktop view but not for a mobile view. We again strived hard to get it for the mobile view.

Then again few days (may be a month or two) we again actually started working on a new template writing on our own template(Yes it sounds crazy) literally scratch, two types of css for Desktop and mobile view, at that time we learnt many things how are the browsers and the type they work in different browsers etc..

Then again we got an issue, each and every time we need to update everything when we write a new article. So we started thinking about this issue, we are at a basic stage with just few articles, so at that time we got to know about Jekyll(Static Site Generator). Yes so again we started revamping with better UI..

Now comes actual part, A year has passed, sadly the free domain expired. So with all the things in the mind and with new members in the team and with a lot of brain storming we choose a name DevsKrate.

But, somewhere we are not satisfied with the user ease of use and their experience and again we started to think. We again started working on a new template, we worked continuously and got you a new experience with full of feature rich. There are many sleepless nights and many meets, hard work after office hours, support from our friends and we finally did it with in 1 week with 3 developers and 5 co-workers.

Yes, this is it. But we are not gonna stop again we are going to bring a new experience before that you have some surprises from us. We are going to improve mobile view in a very effective way in a short time, Staytuned, Thank you.